Everything You Wanted To Know About Heterosexual Male Escorts

The Common Origin of Most Heterosexual Male Escorts

Contrary to popular belief, most straight male escorts are not body-building teens and men in their 20s. Most women are actually looking for mature and well-groomed men who are presentable, stylish, desirable, charming and physically fit. Most male escorts tend to be in their 30s or even 40s, and are looking for more long-term and stable income than their modelling or acting careers are providing. The women who hire escorts aren’t looking for youth, brashness or cockiness, but rather emotional stability and a genuine respect for women.

Heterosexual Male Escort Services

Another popular myth is that male escort services are mostly about sex, as they are in the case of female escorts. Instead the truth is that most women clients are really looking for companionship, attention and intimacy. Much of a male escort’s job is to make the client feel special and beautiful, and to lavish her with the male attention that she craves. This almost always involves long and intimate meals, long discussions with the focus on the client’s life and ideas, and a lot of gentle touching and general warmth.

Of course there are more sexual aspects to the job. Many women enjoy sensual massages, being held, and long kissing or “make-out” sessions. Beyond that, direct sex is sometimes involved, but there is rarely an expectation of performance, and it is rather seen as a result of the client feeling close and connected to the escort.

The Reasons Heterosexual Men Become Escorts

Most of the men who end up as long-term professional escorts do it because they have developed a natural affinity for caring for women and making them feel good over the span of their personal and professional lives. These are men who have had many successful partners and relationships, and are experienced at satisfying women’s emotional and intimate desires. This natural affinity and the extremely high rates of pay make it sensible for these men to turn their talents into a profession that earns them a good living for work that they enjoy.

Many of these men were previously masseurs, exotic dancers, actors, fitness professionals or models. This means that they have developed the habits of maintaining attractiveness and desirability throughout their lives. Transferring these habits into escort work is a simple and sensible transition. Moreover, as these men get older and their raw sex appeal fades, they will find less traditional work in these professions, whereas their growing experience, maturity and emotional stability are considered desirable traits in the male escort industry.

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